Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 12: Getting Ready to go Back to School

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This week was okay. I stayed busy most of the time. Between school shopping and stuff I have let go at home I've got plenty to do. Having to get it done made me get out of the house some and I needed that. I still don't like going places. I just don't like dealing with people. I know that sounds harsh but most of the time someone still says something that sets me off so it's easier not to talk. Puts me in this mood.

Since I was not able to avoid shopping completely I tried to enjoy it as much as possible. I went with friends, made a dinner date out of it, whatever. It just helped to not have to do it alone since I never have before. Knowing the first day of school was coming up just made the whole week worse for me. I was dreading it when it was still 2 weeks away. School is going to be the biggest change for the kids. They need the schedule and routine that comes with it but their dad always took them to school except for a few times each year. They're not used to Mom doing it. Little 1 is also changing schools. It's his first year of middle school and he has moved to a different area than most of his old classmates so he'll only have maybe one person he knows in his class. I'm just anxious about the whole situation I think. We've never had a First Day of School without Dad and we're all going to have a hard time with it.

Okay, so back to school shopping. I did a ton of shopping over FaceTime and text message since The Littles were still at the beach Friday and Saturday. It amazes me how far things have come and how much things have changed. I'm walking around the store with a mini computer videoing a shopping trip to children on a beach so they can see what I see. How could anyone think that is not amazing? L2 picked out her backpack but L1 wants to use the same one he's used the last 2 years. He also wants to use the same binder. That is a trait he picked up from me. I like old and familiar much more than new and flashy. He has also gotten to the age where he needs to pick out his own stuff and he is SO picky. He likes things that are very plain and it's so hard to find stuff like that. I know because I like very plain things and I can't ever find anything either. That's okay though because it gave me an excuse to talk to them a bunch while they were gone without being an overbearing mom. 😁

They did come back on Sunday so we went and got all of their "boring supplies". I think the exact sentence was, "Can't you just go get all the boring supplies? I just want to pick out my shoes." Um, no. They were so going with me. If I had to do the boring part they were going to do it with me. So we spent some more time school shopping together and doing stuff at home the rest of the week. We just have so much to do at home. They're also leaving tomorrow for one last trip with another set of grandparents. They're going to an aquarium and a few other places so it'll  be a nice week for them. I had to keep the combat boots to a minimum since that's all she wants to wear now. She is so mine. I love when she dresses herself like this. :)

This wasn't a terrible week. I have just really dreaded school starting back the entire time. When the routine changes is when I notice things the most. Can't change that so I just push through it. He did work a lot but it doesn't mean I don't notice he's not here and lately it's been more than usual. Weird how things change. I'm just trying to make sure they change for the better. 

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  1. Love that last meme! I have no idea what you're going through because I've never been married...or even close to it...but I do have a 12 year old my heart does sting for you...but more than that my heart swells with pride bc I don't even know you...or your husband...or know anyone who did...but just by reading these few sentences above, I might not know much, nor do I pretend to, but as a single mom, I know you got this...and that's enough.

    1. Thank you! I do got this! Lol. It is hard but I've learned to be thankful for the time we got because some people never even get that. Kudos to you also! #singlemomclub