Friday, August 30, 2013

Hi there.

These are the 2 smallest loves of my life. Blaiklyn (lovingly referred to as Bacon) and Braden.
Okay... now to actually write. I've decided to make a blog because I want to record things for my children. I want them to one day be able to look back and say "My mom was awesome". Now seems like the perfect time to do so since my husband, 2 children, and I will be moving into our new home within the next couple of months. Hopefully sooner. Fingers crossed. Up until recently my outlet has been my children and husband. They're getting older (as all children do) which is bittersweet. They are turning into awesome little people instead of babies. They still take up all my time but they are old enough that they don't need every second of it. Husband has started trying to golf. I say trying because he's not very good. He does enjoy it though, so I say play on.

This is the biggest love of my life, TJ. And me. We're on a carousel.

I personally enjoy doing so many things I can't focus on just one. I plan on moving into a well organized place and trying to keep it that way. Organization is my true talent. I have lots of projects I plan on doing to get the house organized even before we get moved in. We're staying with my MIL for the period between selling our old house and closing on the new one. It's so nice to have that option. We are purchasing the new house from a family member so we're actually able to do things inside the house before we close, like paint. And I feel the need to show you some pictures now even though it still has other peoples stuff in it. Just disregard all that. Picture it empty and clean.
The fireplace. One of my favorite things about it.
I love that the oven is separate from the stove, which is a recessed downdraft stove.

The dining room.

And there's Bacon out in one of the fields while we took a walk around the property.
We're so ready to move! We love it. We love the space. I can't wait to be able to just go outside and do whatever we want. When we take the kids over they hit the backdoor and are gone. You can't see the house from the road either, which I love. Anyway, there's my introduction and the current status of me and mine. I won't post here everyday I'm sure because life gets in the way, but I will definitely be posting more.