Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 22: First soccer game.

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Friday I got my hair done. It took hours. I love it. I sent lots of ridiculous pictures to my friends because we all need some amusement sometimes right?

I've been feeling less than amusing lately. I'm trying so hard to let go. Not of him. I need to let go of the pain. The sadness.  The constant ache for my children. It's a heavy weight. An unimaginable weight honestly. And letting go is an impossible task this month. I've got it slotted for next month but it's flexible. We'll see. 😂

Either way, I'm trying to do what I need to do for me. Nobody else is living this surreal existence for me. I even went out Saturday night. It was just to our bar with The Besties but I just assumed I'd hole up the entire month so it was nice. Went and got Little2 and she came home but L1 stayed at my MIL's.

I got my living room, kitchen, and pantry cleaned out again. It's a never ending cycle. Do it once,  do it fifty more times. How does it happen? And why do all the people in books seem to get little elf people that help when I seem to get the ones who sneak in when I'm not looking and move all my stuff? We also got some nests built into the chicken coop because we're having eggs now. Sweet girls out there making some delicious breakfast.

Monday the kids were late. I don't know if the alarm didn't go off or if I turned it off. Oh well. It was not on purpose. So I got there, went back home, and enjoyed hot chocolate in my mug my mom got me in Chattanooga. The Cheshire Cat disappears. I don't care if I'm a kid. It's cool.

This was a facebook post from this week. Life insurance folks. Get it and pray it is years of wasted money. It does pay if you go with a good company. Research. Don't take my word for it, but don't delude yourself into thinking it's useless and you won't need it.

We're still trying at soccer. L1 managed an entire half of a game before he couldn't walk. I have a feeling he over did it and won't be playing in another one.I hate it because he loves it but I love him not being hurt long term so we'll see what happens.

Yesterday was just a plain day and today we missed the 2nd soccer game. He overdid it for sure. I knew it while it was happening. He's not as upset about it as I thought he'd be though. I think he's tired of hurting. This was just another "normal" week. Makes for a boring post but a great week for us. 

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