Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week 17: Changing Landscapes

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This week started off nicely because I didn't have to take the kids to school. YAY!!! I did get up and get them ready. I should have gone back to bed but I had so much stuff to do I didn't. I just got started. It did feel nice to do something productive again. It's happening more and more often. I am slowly (let me emphasize the word slowly) getting everything done. This wasn't a particularly exciting week.

Saturday I hung out with Little1 most of the day. We ran a ton of errands and had lunch. It was so nice. Just a good break. He wanted to spend the night with my MIL and go to church Sunday so he went over there that evening. A friend of mine stayed the night. I haven't seen her since the funeral so it was great to catch up.

Sunday was my MIL's birthday dinner. We all went out after church. We wound up being out forever. There was about 13 of us and it was fun. Cousins, aunts, uncles... I don't even know how long we all just stood around talking after dinner. It was literally hours. I think we all needed it. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of everybody. Go figure. We also  had a little incident at dinner. Little2 is deathly afraid of pulling teeth. She had one about to completely fall out. Her mouth was literally full of blood. Hanging on by a root. Every time I tried to get it she bit me. It wasn't on purpose, she was just so scared it would hurt. She finally twisted it out after about 20 minutes. Hopefully she won't be so scared of the next one because it was way too big of an ordeal.

Monday was a normal day. Got the kids to school, came home, did some things, and laid down for a nap. About that time my phone rings and it's my BFF. She was at the dealership with her car and 4,000 miles over her warranty. I happen to have an extra vehicle so she took it. I get a text not long after that said "Omg, this truck smells just like TJ." She was right. It still does. I know one day it won't and I'm almost ready for that. I love him and I miss him but I've passed the point that he's all I want to think about and I want to be able to have a life. I cannot do that if I cannot stop thinking about him. I like to think of him everyday but I like to do it on my time. Not when some reminder slaps me in the face hard if that makes sense. On top of everything, L2 looked beautiful Monday.

Tuesday evening both kids got sick. They had random fevers and headaches. We picked up dinner in our jammies and did nothing. They just felt bad. Both of them missed school yesterday. A friend came by so we ate Mexican for a late lunch. I also made a huge supply order because I really need to get back to making soap and everything that goes with it. My personal supply is running low between all the people getting it and me gifting it out. Some other friends took care of getting a mechanic who happened to be friends with DH to take care of his hunting truck. The transmission has to be rebuilt. He arranged for a wrecker to come pick it up and everything. I still get amazed all the time by normal, everyday people doing things they aren't obligated to do.

Today has been a little weird. It was a little unnerving to look out the back door and see the hunting truck gone. It's like the whole landscape changed because it's been there for so  long. It's in good hands but that doesn't stop it from being odd that it's not there. There was also a bond hearing today. I have managed to avoid it all week but my alarm went off last night at midnight reminding me. I haven't looked at anything but I did get a call from the ADA immediately after it was over letting me know he was denied bond. I was thankful for that. Whether a person does something on purpose or not, there are consequences to every action they ever choose to make. I do not want the man who hit my husband to have his entire life ruined over this but he made a split second decision that cost him and us a lot more than I'm sure he ever expected it to. He does deserve a severe punishment but I do not believe it should be the rest of his life. two wrongs do not make a right and I will not condemn a person like that. I do not want the karma that comes with ruining a persons life.

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  1. You have the biggest heart ❤️

    1. A lot of it is purely selfish. If I can't let go, I can't move on. But it isn't all selfish. I really do hope that this experience can help somebody. It's helped me in ways I didn't know I needed help.