Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Juicing Journey - Day 2

First off, I felt wonderful at the beginning of Day 2. I was afraid that since I was feeling a little bad the night before I would be feeling awful but I didn't. I made the Fruity with a Twist drink again for breakfast. My awesome husband went to the store and got me oranges and strawberries since we had forgotten oranges in our original shopping trip and didn't get enough strawberries. (I have one recipe that uses a lot of those.) I modified this one since even the thought of celery still makes me sick but I need some greens, not just fruit. I put 2 handfuls of spinach in it. It tasted DELICIOUS. Basically like I was drinking orangey-berry-pineappley juice. I couldn't taste the spinach at all. In regular dishes I love spinach, but juiced by itself it's not too good. Mixed in with pineapple it was fine. This recipe made a lot of juice. As in I overflowed my juicers pitcher and had to clean up a huge mess this morning before I could leave for work. It was still a good thing because I needed enough to take to work with me. It definitely did the trick.
It tastes way better than it looks.
I tried to drink a glass of juice then a glass of water all day. Probably about 14 oz each since my cup I was using was 16 oz and I put ice in each drink. I know that you're supposed to drink it as soon as you juice it but that was not feasible for me while at work, so I didn't. I made my juice and put it in a big jug and took it that way. Didn't even have to write my name on it. Can you believe nobody tried to steal it out of the cooler? Haha. I was running to the bathroom all day due to the liquid consumption but that's okay. Makes me feel like it's doing the trick.

Mom had to take some whole fruits and veggies to work to try to eat those. She was too sick to juice again in the morning. She was going to try to eat raw and juice again the next morning. I hope she feels much better so she can. 

I never did make more juice bc this drink made a lot. Enough to last me all day. I felt different than at the end of Day 1 and I know it was due to the spinach I added to the drink. I didn't feel bad, but I could tell I was detoxing more. Temperature was a little higher, I got occasional chills, and I was sweating more. 

Total weight loss for the day = 1.4 lbs
Total = 3.6

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