Monday, September 2, 2013

Seeing Noah's Ark.

We got to take a trip to Noah's Ark yesterday. It's an animal sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA. They don't charge an entry fee but the sanctuary is fully funded through donations so we still took some cash with us. We had never been before and it was hot. The heat did not ruin our trip though. There were lots of benches and plenty of shade. We carried sweet tea and the rescue had a Nathan's hotdog and lemonade stand, so of course we had to have some yummy lemonade.

I put together some photos of our trip so that I didn't post so many individuals. I'm not sure how good the resolution is on the computer after putting them in the collage maker. I also didn't think to take the good camera (I ALWAYS forget it) so all the pictures were taken on my iPhone. Luckily it has a pretty decent camera.
The turtle under the tree was twice the size of the other. A peacock, pretty yellow bird
(no idea what it is), and a duck nesting. The duck was well hidden. 
The BLT section. A bear, lion, and tiger all live here together. They were raised together as cubs
and quit eating when they tried to separate them. The tiger stayed in the house.
 The kids loved the animals, especially the ones outside the fences they could get close to.
The rooster wasn't scared at all, and the ducks swimming under our feet were adorable. Bacon also found an inchworm she wanted.
The tigers were lazing around all over the place. We got to see them throw the ducks some snacks, and I was especially intrigued by this mushroom growing out of the tree.
It was a fun trip that didn't cost an arm and a leg and we got some great memories and exercise. We also learned a few things which is always a perk. If you're ever in the area I would recommend going.


  1. You got some great photos! Looks like everyone was up and about, they're always napping whenever we make it out there. Lol "BLT," never heard them called that before, cute!

    1. We really had fun. The only thing that wasn't out and moving around was the tiger housed with the bear and the lion. There were so many others it didn't even matter.It was our 1st time going, but we'll be going back.